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13th December 2018
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HB350 Premium Underfloor heating Insulation


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HeatBoard 350 is a 10mm insulated tile backer board with a high compressive strength of 350kpa . The backer boards are generally used with underfloor heating when you are laying a tile, slate or stone flooring, however it can also be used if you are covering the underfloor heating with a latex level compound.

The HeatBoard insulation is easy to cut with a standard knife and once in place with the tiles it has a compressive strength of 35ton per 1m2.

It is highly recommended that insulation is used with the underfloor heating as it can dramatically reduce the overall cost to sun along with  and heat up time.

The HeatBoard 350 tile backer boards are sold in single sheets 1200mm x 600mm and cover an area of 0.72m2.


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